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" I'm sincerely amazed by this group of passionate investor team after attending to their committed services provided such as Financial Focus seminars; which gave me a lot of values and enlightenments in trading investment learning pathway ! "

Mr. William, F&B Businessman

" They have the most comprehensive & latest market info, i have always been amazed their finance blog MasteringFx in helping to get decision making of my trading."

Valerie, Chartered Accountant

"Vinary Crispin brings me the knowledge that i can utilise to achieve better life and also becoming a better person. This is the platform where great leaders are built. Positive people are always the best in the world. "

Marcus Siew, University Student

" If you are looking for one stop station for brushing up your trading skills in Fx & Stocks, Vinary Crispin is the place, period.

Albert Huang, Full Time Trader


Vinary Crispin focuses on providing services in relation to currency, futures and bonds.

The services include providing consultancy services to the client, organising seminar and workshop, as well as managing event.

Throughout the years, Vinary Crispin has been the leading provider or content driven, information rich event, seminars and workshop which provides unlimited investment opportunities for our clients.

Vinary Crispin aspires to be the most trusted ally for our client & partner:

  • If you strive to succeed in your life but having doubts, we are here to help.

  • If you are uncertain of your market insight, we are here to share.

  • If you need a most supportive and trusted ally, Vinary Crispin is the one.

We provide signals, analysis & trainings :

  • Seminar Workshops

  • Monthly General Training

  • Live Trading Event

  • Online Webinar

  • Daily Servicing Support

  • Monthly Signals Subscriptions

  • One on one personal coaching

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