• No Service Provided

  • Technical Malfunction

  • Cancellation by company


Vinary Crispin servicing panel only shares market views and general advice/opinions, which due to volatile market circumstances, are always exposed to various changes. You as an investor or trader are in full control of your own investment risks within the financial market. For these reasons, Vinary Crispin emphasises and operates a no refund policy unless in the events/occasions specified as below:



In the event that NO SERVICE is provided by our agents or company's appointed servicing staff, Vinary Crispin Consultancy shall refund you in full after we carry out necessary investigations. 



Vinary Crispin shall compensates for technical malfunction caused by our systems that happens to prohibit your usage of our online services based on the number of servicing days you were unable to access. Any self-voluntarily absence or ignorance act towards our services invitation will not be entertained nor taken into calculation for compensation. We assure that all our clients and members will receive electronic mail or caller invitation to attend our webinar sessions, seminar workshops & consultation sessions on time. 



If you have not breached any aspect of our Terms and Conditions and we terminate or suspend your service access or permanently cease all Vinary Crispin Consultancy, by exceptional circumstances, we will offer you a pro-rate refund to your wallet/bank account/credit card. In short, we will refund you any amounts that you have paid us in advance that relate to any remaining and unexpired period of your service subscription.