Coronavirus and US elections

Eurozone coronavirus cases continue rising With several countries and regions tightening restrictions in a bid to halt the spread. Jens Spahn, Germany's Health Minister, said his country's contact tracing capacity is reaching its limits. Paris and other cities will come under a nighttime curfew. The recent spikes are weighing on the euro and also on global markets. 

US elections With the clock ticking down to the elections on November 3, chances are falling and the safe-haven dollar is on the rise while stocks are hesitating. Former Vice-President Joe Biden maintains his large lead in national and opinion polls against Trump. Both men participated in parallel televised townhall events which probably did little to move the needle. 

See Trump and Biden do little to impress during dueling town halls. Democrats have a chance of winning the Senate, opening the door to a quick and large stimulus that investors want. However, the race for the upper house is tighter and markets also fear higher taxes and regulation. So, traders need to be aware about this two news which may impact directly toward the forex market.

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