Vinary Crispin Lifetime Course Offering


LIFETIME Course Offerings

Vinary Crispin courses are tailored & designed for everyone who wishes to acquaint themselves with the capabilities of a professional trader in order to trade and invest effectively on the largest financial markets.

The courses are of the utmost importance not only for those who are already involved in this field, in banks, broker houses and businesses, but also for those who accept trading as an attractive and dynamic profession with a potential to receive a continuous income from investment.

Our courses mainly involve the practical knowledges which can be immediately applied to live trading and/or investing. Through interactive tutorials you will be able to quickly and easily understand the important methodologies for trading.

The cornerstone of Vinary Crispin is offering access to industry professionals with experience training traders at all levels. Our educators have educated brand new traders as well as portfolio managers with more than 10 years of experience. Not only that we provide live classes at auditorium hall, we also do provide e-learning experience in order to deliver the most convenient learning environment to our customers. By utilizing an e-learning experience with a highly structured list of course offerings, you can find ways to improve your trading no matter how experienced you are. Whether you are looking to understand the basics of trading, expand upon your knowledge of trading risk, or improve your handle on the complexities of portfolio construction.

Through a collegiate approach to the educational process, traders can provide and receive the feedback needed to improve their performance and absorb complex topics.


Trading is not easy.
The educational process we have designed can give new traders the building blocks for a strong foundation while also providing educational elements for fine-tuning trade construction for even the most experienced trader.

Take a look at our course offerings now and see how Vinary Crispin can help you!






Our Courses are subjected to investment skills and the duration of this course will be determined by clients' learning progress.

We offers 4 different course levels. Our tailored courses can effectively enable traders to master the powerful skill of investing. We are here to guide you in investment and maximize your returns.


  • 'Prime Course' is a intro-level open for everyone especially for fresher who is new to the investment world. This is a stage where we help clients understanding the theory and skill.

  • 'Distinctive Course' is a stage where clients start to learn about the basic and essentials of technical analysis. This stage can effectively help clients strengthen their skill during live trading.

  • 'Advanced Course' is a stage where clients will learn professional trading & analysis technique exactly like how a Fund Manager perform in trading particular portfolio such as Fibonacci, Diverging Trading, Elliot Wave Pattern, Harmonic Pattern, and etc.

  • 'Proficient Course' whereby clients become physically and mentally pro-independent during trading. Clients will learn distinctive & customized techniques that suit their own trading plans. Besides that, clients may have a chance to become a professional Fund Manager and/or Multi-Account Manager in world-recognized broker houses and/or investment firms.


An Introduction to stocks, commodities, foreign exchange market and others, the world’s most active financial markets, where turnover is approximately from $500 billion to $3 trillion is traded every day.


This course is suitable for those with a desire to become financial markets traders who want to increase their current income through trading. This course program requires little or no experience at all in trading.

We provide hands-on introduction to financial market such as who is involved, what they do and what causes the financial market to fluctuate. Our mentors and trainers are experienced traders and their trading knowledge and experiences will be vital to help you develop and enhance your understanding to financial market.


This course level is designed to educate clients how to use different trading technique in real life situation. Clients with basic investment knowledge and experiences in trading will find this level particularly beneficial especially in discovering more technical analysis skills.

The course level is comprised of academic and practical elements, beginning with the introduction to technical analysis & chart reading ability. This course will combine both fundamentally and technically to build robust and profitable trading strategies. 

Our tailored syllabuses will allow clients to utilise everything in their trading platform to perform daily analysis & market forecast decisions, as well as nurturing a fundamental trading behavior for new and/or experienced traders.


In this course, clients will learn the practical aspect fundamental news reading techniques and more in depth technical analysis practices in the real life markets. Learning how to use both technical and fundamental analysis is important, this course allows the educated trader to harness the power of the trading with consistency to keep the risk low and rewards high. this area of learning will be supported by the risk management, money market operations and other basic derivatives.

This course also depicts elements from our mentors' own experience from Bachelors and Master degree in Economics. Breaking down the very basics of fundamental analysis before we take it up a few notches, showing client a systematic way of investment trading with macroeconomics.

After this level, client will be able to trade confidentially, develop your own low-risk strategy and generate a consistent stream of income.


The Proficient level program involves clients in daily market analysis and harness the ability to react in different market situation. Trading by proper risk management, capability to develop own trading strategies & the trading psychology (sentimental) which results in building up the ability to carry out own investment trading plans in a much more consistent performances.

Clients will be continuously being tested by trainers so that they are able to constantly maintain their understanding of the subject matter throughout their problem-solving skills.

Upon the course completion, our company will issue our academy certificate for successful completion of professional trading. At the same time, there is a chance that client can be referred to partner companies for newly opened career position such as Fund Managers and/or Multi-Account Managers.